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Cheryl Worley of Hughes Watters Askanase
 to Speak on Panel at Texas Southern University

HOUSTON (March 24, 2008) - Cheryl Worley, an attorney with Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P. (HWA), will participate in a panel discussion on "The Face of Litigation Practice Today" at Texas Southern University (TSU) in Houston on March 25. The event starts at 11:00 a.m. Students of TSU's Thurgood Marshall School of Law will attend the panel discussion, which is sponsored by the Law Week Committee of the Houston Bar Association.

The discussion will focus on the various aspects of litigation, with each panelist giving his or her perspective on litigation practice. Worley was recruited to the panel by Brendetta Scott, another HWA attorney and Law Week Committee member. The other panelists are family law associate judge Roy Moore, Jr. for the 245th District Court; Scott Michelman of Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.; and Bret Bosker of Peltier, Bosker & Griffin, P.C.

"The goal of this panel is to educate law students on what options are available to them when they graduate," said Worley. "I'm looking forward to discussing litigation with the students and spending some time getting to know them."

HWA, a law firm based in Houston, has extensive litigation experience in addition to expertise in real estate, bankruptcy, corporate transactions and consumer finance.

Worley, who joined HWA in 2005, focuses her practice on bankruptcy, consumer financial services and litigation. She frequently represents clients in bankruptcy and consumer finance litigation. For a full biographical profile on Worley, please visit

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For more than 30 years, Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P. has helped business organizations, financial institutions and individuals succeed with their business endeavors. The firm's attorneys play a strategic role and support clients through every stage of existence and operation, from formation to liquidation. The practice focuses on the six interrelated areas which provide the greatest opportunities and most challenging obstacles: bankruptcy, business planning and strategy, commercial finance, commercial real estate, consumer financial services, and litigation. For more information on Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P., please visit


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