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Hughes Watters Askanase Named One of Two Law Firms
to Receive Lender Processing Services Summit Award
for Fourth Consecutive Year

HOUSTON, Texas (Aug. 31, 2010) – For an unprecedented fourth consecutive year,
Houston law firm Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P. ( received the Lender Processing Services (LPS) Summit Award for attaining the highest ratings in both bankruptcy and foreclosure among firms in the LPS attorney network.

The LPS Summit Award recognizes law firms that achieve consistently superior
performance in bankruptcy and foreclosure practice. This year, HWA is one of only two firms in the national LPS attorney network to achieve this exceptional new distinction.

“The Summit Award is the direct result of the hard work, cooperative spirit and
commitment to excellence of each member of our default servicing team,” noted Carolyn Taylor, a partner with HWA and leader of the firm’s default services practice area.

“We have a wealth of resources that allow our attorneys to leverage their experience with other practice groups in the firm,” said Taylor. “As a result, we provide our clients with a wellrounded, unique perspective on the myriad of complex issues and challenges currently plaguing the residential and commercial housing and mortgage industries.”

HWA offers wide-ranging expertise and experience in 10 interrelated practice areas, including: banking representation; business planning and strategy; business bankruptcy; commercial finance; commercial litigation; consumer financial services; credit union representation; default servicing; real estate and finance; and wills and probate.

HWA participates in the Freddie Mac Designated Counsel Program for Texas and the
Fannie Mae Retained Attorney Network for Texas. The firm also holds the "Angel" Designation in the Wingspan Preferred Attorney Network.

About Carolyn Taylor

Taylor joined HWA as a partner in 1994, and she leads the firm’s award-winning default services practice area. She specializes in legal issues surrounding mortgage banking, default servicing, regulatory compliance, credit union law and creditors´ rights. Taylor routinely speaks and publishes on legal issues in mortgage servicing and consumer finance at the local, regional and national level.

For more information about Taylor or about HWA, please visit, or call
Taylor directly at 713-328-2804.

About Hughes Watters Askanase
For more than 32 years, Hughes Watters Askanase, L.L.P. has helped business
organizations, financial institutions and individuals succeed with their business endeavors. The firm’s attorneys play a strategic role and support clients through every stage of existence and operation, from formation to liquidation. The firm’s practice focuses on the various interrelated areas that provide the greatest opportunities and most challenging obstacles: Representation of commercial and consumer lenders of all varieties, including banks and credit unions; business bankruptcy; business planning and strategy; default servicing; real estate and
finance; commercial and consumer financial services litigation; and wills and probate. For more information on Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P., please visit

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