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Hughes Watters Askanase Partners Gary Gunn and Paul Kellogg Offer Legal Guidance and Counsel for Business Owners and Investors Seeking To Start, Expand or Transfer Operations to Texas, Both Draw on Personal Small Business Experience to Benefit Clients

HOUSTON, Texas (June 11, 2013) – The State of Texas continues to garner attention among the media, politicos, economists, business owners, executives and investors as the “go to” place for starting up, expanding or transferring business operations.

Forbes Magazine and CEO Magazine are just two of many media outlets that cite Texas as a business-friendly state for a variety of reasons, including lower cost of living, lower operating costs, lower taxes (with no income tax on individuals), and less government regulation.

Furthermore, Texas Governor Rick Perry is actively recruiting in other states – with special focus this week on Connecticut and New York and on California and Illinois in recent months -- to attract businesses and job seekers to Texas. (See for information and TV ads for the “Texas is Calling, Your Opportunity Awaits” campaign.)

Hughes Watters Askanase partners Gary Gunn and Paul Kellogg provide legal guidance and counsel in the areas of business formation, raising capital, exit strategies, contracts, real estate acquisition and finance, landlord-tenant agreements, licensing and other matters.

Gunn has been practicing law for 25 years. He is a co-managing partner with HWA and also heads the firm’s Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Practice Area and the Commercial Finance Practice Area. Kellogg has been a practicing attorney for 14 years and heads the firm’s Business Planning and Strategy Practice Area. Both serve as reliable sources for media and legal and professional organizations. Other sections of the firm have deep experience in commercial litigation, bankruptcy and financial services. The firm was ranked as the Top Mid-Sized Law Firm for Business and Transactions in the 2012 Super Lawyers Business Edition and is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2013.

In addition to being partners at HWA, which is headquartered in downtown Houston and employs a staff of 100, Gunn and Kellogg have personal experience in starting up and expanding their own small businesses.

“During the 1990s, I served as general counsel and chief operating officer for a startup technology company based in Houston. Our company’s position as a pioneer in the networking of online computer game play during the technology boom afforded me the opportunity to negotiate and complete a myriad of strategic alliances, license agreements, joint ventures and other agreements with companies worldwide. It was a crazy busy, exciting time. Also, having started two small law firms, I know what it takes to successfully establish and build a small service business from the ground up,” Gunn commented.

Kellogg owns Hans’ Bier Haus in Houston, a pub that specializes in craft beers.

“When I was a patron at the Bier Haus before I bought it, it seemed like it would be an easy business to run. But, there are a lot of things to juggle – a multitude of licenses and permits, liability issues, compliance with city requirements, hiring and retaining reliable and honest staff, capital investments and other business planning. I have learned a huge amount about the nuts and bolts of owning a small business, which helps me understand my clients’ problems and needs,” Kellogg offered.

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About HWA

For more than 35 years, Hughes Watters Askanase, L.L.P. has helped business organizations, financial institutions and individuals succeed with their business endeavors. The firm’s attorneys play a strategic role and support clients through every stage of existence and operation. The firm’s practice focuses on representation of commercial and consumer lenders, including banks and credit unions; business bankruptcy; business planning and strategy; default servicing; real estate and finance; commercial and consumer financial services litigation; employment law; and estate planning and probate.

HWA has been named as the Top Mid-Sized Law Firm in Texas for business and transactions in Super Lawyers 2012 Business Edition. HWA is also an independent member of Geneva Group International (GGI) and the only GGI member law firm in Texas.

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