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Brendetta A. Scott and Rhonda Chandler
Of Hughes Watters Askanase To Serve as Panelists at
Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Event in Galveston June 19-20

HOUSTON, Texas (June 12, 2008) - Brendetta A. Scott, an associate, and Rhonda Chandler, of counsel, with Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P. (HWA), have been chosen to serve as panelists for two different sessions at the University of Texas School of Law Consumer Bankruptcy Practice event which will be held in Galveston June 19-20.

About Scott's Presentation

As part of a panel discussion entitled "Houses: Key Issues and Case Law Developments In Bankruptcy" scheduled for June 20, Scott will serve as a panelist in a presentation which provides an outline, analysis and commentary on key issues in case law developments involving houses in Chapter 13. Scott will speak specifically about fee collection by lenders, state law and foreclosure.  The panel will discuss other issues such as § 522 litigation involving capping the homestead exemption, adjustable rate issues, remedies and discovery. Scott and the panel will also provide practical advice and strategies for effective discovery.

United States Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur, who coordinates the annual conference personally, asked Scott to speak at this year's seminar.  Scott regularly practices throughout the State of Texas dealing with houses in Chapter 13 cases.

 "I am very excited to speak at this seminar. I attend this seminar every year, and it is an honor to be personally asked by a federal judge to be a speaker. With rising foreclosures and sub-prime loan issues affecting so many consumers and lenders throughout the United States, I hope to provide some useful information to both debtors' and creditors' attorneys," Scott said.  

Scott, who has been with HWA for five years, was named a Rising Star in the April 2007 and 2008 editions of Texas Super Lawyers Magazine. Scott is a member of the Law Week Committee (2006 - 2007 Co-Chair) and the Professionalism Committee (2008-2009 Co-Chair) of the Houston Bar Association. She is also a member of the Arthur Moeller/David Foltz Bankruptcy Inns of Court, College of the State Bar of Texas and the Houston Young Lawyers Association. Her practice focuses on bankruptcy, creditors' rights and default servicing representing a variety of mortgage companies and credit unions. For a full biographical profile on Scott, please visit

About Chandler's Presentation

Chandler will serve as a panelist for a presentation on June 20 entitled "Representing and Dealing with Chapter 7 Trustees."  She is one of three lawyers with extensive experience as either a Chapter 7 trustee or one who represents Chapter 7 trustees.  The panel will focus on the nuts and bolts of navigating through a Chapter 7 case, with emphasis on how trustees and their counsel want to see the case handled, and what they look for from debtors' counsel.  

Like Scott, Chandler was asked to speak by United States Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur.  She has been representing bankruptcy trustees since the late 1980s.

"Representing Chapter 7 trustees is a unique practice," said Chandler.  "The panel hopes to provide those lawyers who typically represent the debtors with some insight into the mind set of the trustee and his or her counsel, and to get feedback from debtors' counsel at the same time.  If those lines of communication are open in seminars such as this, the system as a whole can function more efficiently."

Chandler has been practicing law since 1986. She is an approved mediator for the Texas state courts and the federal courts in the Southern District of Texas. She concentrates her practice in the area of bankruptcy related litigation. She also handles business disputes brought in both the state and federal courts. 

For a full bio on Chandler, please see

About the Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Event

The 2008 Consumer Bankruptcy Practice event brings together leading members of the Texas bankruptcy bench and gives attendees an opportunity to hear how judges, trustees, and practitioners are dealing with the tough issues facing consumer practitioners-cars, houses, proof of claims, and more. For more information or to register, please visit

About Hughes Watters Askanase

For more than 30 years, Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P. has helped business organizations, financial institutions and individuals succeed with their business endeavors. The firm's attorneys play a strategic role and support clients through every stage of existence and operation, from formation to liquidation. The practice focuses on the six interrelated areas which provide the greatest opportunities and most challenging obstacles: business bankruptcy, business planning and strategy, default servicing, real estate and finance, consumer financial services, and commercial litigation. For more information on Hughes Watters Askanase L.L.P., please visit


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