Hughes Watters Askanase has a reputation for helping our clients make their businesses as strong and as profitable as possible. For more than 30 years, we have been helping our clients succeed by providing a full range of solutions to a variety of complex issues. That’s why our clients trust us to partner with them for business planning and strategy, and why we were named the #1 mid-sized law firm in Texas for business and transactions.

Licensing and Regulation

HWA stays abreast of changes to help our clients navigate licensing and regulation issues to ensure clients are compliant with state and federal laws.  Our legal team can anticipate challenges and position our clients to address changing legal rules and business environments.  We guide our clients in taking the appropriate steps to proactively addressing compliance issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During the past 30 years, HWA has participated in virtually every form of corporate transaction. We represent purchasers, sellers, lenders, and other stakeholders.


HWA's Business Planning and Strategy Practice Area combines contract law expertise with an intimate knowledge of our clients' operations to lay a solid legal foundation from which businesses can form or expand.  We have particular expertise in consulting agreements, employment agreements, profit sharing, purchase agreements, development agreements,joint venture agreements, and plans in a wide variety of industry settings.


HWA efficiently maneuvers through the web of financial and regulatory requirements of capital investment. We leverage our collective experience to structure complex intermediate financing, private placements, and other investment vehicles.


HWA has extensive experience in reviewing and advising our clients on franchise relationships.

Often, franchise-related documentation is comprised of complex agreements between a small operator and a large corporation. The long-term relationships created by these agreements can be contentious.

Structured and Project Finance

HWA advises and represents developers, project owners, lenders, and individual and institutional investors. Our clients rely on the experience of our attorneys in our Business Planning and Strategy Practice Area as an ongoing resource before and after a closing.   

Business Formation

HWA enables our clients to gain a better understanding of new types of legal entities and the fundamental decisions that affect them -- from management and control to exit strategies, financing and maximizing tax advantages. We also build in flexibility for the future,so that our clients can adapt to growth, financial success and changing circumstances with a minimum level of organizational disruption.

Reorganization and Recapitalization

We have extensive experience in re-organizing and recapitalizing struggling businesses to help them raise capital, improve their cash flow, and ease debt pressures.

Intellectual Property (IP)

HWA provides up-to-date guidance on the laws, regulations, and judicial decisions that affect the ownership, transfer and sharing of intellectual property rights.

Buyouts, Conflicts and Dissolutions

HWA attorneys regularly work with clients to resolve disagreements among business partners at a reasonable cost and without sacrificing business value or assets.