Providing financial services to consumers can be a risky business. The slightest error or oversight can have enormous consequences, and the potential for multi-million dollar liability.  Mitigating the perils associated with every phase of consumer financial services is one of our highest priorities at Hughes Watters Askanase.

In this lucrative and fast-paced sector, HWA attorneys have the big-picture perspective and familiarity with the latest market and policy details that demand constant attention and veteran judgment. Leverage our three decades of experience to navigate licensing and regulatory compliance, avoid liability, and resolve class or individual consumer litigation. The attorneys in the Consumer Financial Services practice group are recognized leaders in the field and have been influential in shaping government policies.

Defense Litigation

In diverse venues ranging from the relatively straightforward to the most complex, Hughes Watters Askanase attorneys have prosecuted and defended a wide variety of consumer and commercial litigation cases. Representation includes the defense of consumer class and individual actions throughout Texas and in many other states.

If it becomes necessary to go to bankruptcy court, experienced bankruptcy litigators stand ready to advise and represent clients in any adversary proceeding or contested matter. Whether prosecuting or defending in any state or federal forum, clients can rely on HWA when litigation is a possibility.


HWA helps clients determine the appropriate licensing solution and then guides clients through this complicated and time-intensive process. HWA's long-term experience with the Texas Consumer Credit Commissioner's Office and the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Banking helps clients efficiently navigate this intricate licensing process. HWA also helps clients create ongoing compliance with a multitude of restrictions and disclosure requirements. With extensive working knowledge of state and federal regulatory requirements, we can guide clients through this complex labyrinth to get you in business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Home Equity Lending

Texas' home equity laws are different from all other states. There are at least 26 distinct requirements that a lender must comply with in order to obtain a valid home equity lien on a Texas homestead. HWA is recognized as one of the top-tier firms specializing in this area. HWA is well versed in ensuring that the home equity lending programs of lenders, financial institutions, mortgage bankers and other authorized lenders comply with every detail of the Texas Constitution, statutes and interpretive regulations.

Loan Reviews

Home lending is a healthy and lucrative market in Texas even now.
However, Texas is one of the few states that require an independent attorney to review documents that affect title to property. Complex laws and regulations, maintenance of good relations with state agencies, and management of loan processes and procedures require constant attention and vigilance. Hughes Watters Askanase eases that burden by helping lending operations save time and money; ensure compliance; minimize risk; and avoid crippling errors (such as a portfolio of unmarketable loans).

Compliance Over the Full Credit Spectrum

Compliance problems may not be readily apparent.  It is important to be aware of and resolve any compliance issues prior to a negative event.  Hughes Watters Askanase anticipates problematic areas and guides clients through the appropriate steps to address compliance issues.  HWA works with numerous national and local clients to establish direct and indirect lending, sales finance and consumer leasing programs that comply with the latest state and federal laws and regulations.

Hughes Watters Askanase is a recognized authority on state and federal compliance issues pertaining to motor vehicles, revolving credit, retail credit and installment sales.

Alternative Financing

HWA clients include banks, "hard money" licensed lenders, payday lenders, and other finance lenders. These areas of specialty lending are fraught with rules, pitfalls, and penalties for the unwary. HWA has the experience and savvy to get clients where they want to be in the market.