History of Hughes Watters Askanase LLP

Hughes Watters Askanase LLP was founded in 1978 by John Hughes, Harry Watters and David Askanase.  John, Harry and David began with a small support staff in sub-lease space in what is now the Center Point Energy Building at 1100 Louisiana Avenue.

"We had a nice group of window offices, but the entrance was through a hallway.  We had about 30 feet of hallway and that was the only place where we could put our law books, so the first impression was that we were very bookish, but we knew it was a short term situation and we soon took over adjacent space and created a lobby," John recalls.

David says that the three founding partners wanted to create a positive working environment that was conducive to practicing law without the distraction of internal office politics.

"We never for a nanosecond regretted starting our own firm," David explains.

Today, HWA is headquartered on the 29th Floor of Three Allen Center in downtown Houston.  The firm's full-time staff, which includes 25 attorneys, exceeds 80 people. John retired in March of 2012.  David continues to be involved in the firm, serving in an of counsel role and mentoring associates.  Harry Watters died in a tragic accident in Houston on August 1, 1994.